Together We’re Making a Better Worlds Apart. The way we work, the products we make, the people we work with – at Worlds Apart every little thing we do has to make a difference.

A clean, healthy, happy planet for our children’s future means… well, the world to us. Which is why we’re working hard to reduce our environmental impact at every turn.

Whether it’s continually stretching ourselves to be cleaner, exploring better ways to improve our production, or going above and beyond environmental regulation, our team is all on board with making Worlds Apart a positive, planet-friendly company.

How do we do it?

From a new material brainwave, to the moment our products hit the shelves, we keep our environmental footprint front of mind.

We make the best use of our resources by:

  • Using resources wisely by reducing, reusing & recycling wherever possible
  • Being energy efficient
  • Cutting down on the amount of water we use
  • Thinking wisely about the contractors we work with
  • Preventing and reducing pollution at every turn

Whether it’s holding regular environmental catch-ups with the team or checking in with contractors to make sure they constantly live up to our green standards, year on year everyone at Worlds Apart pushes further to shape a better future.